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"A warrior of light does not sit comfortably in his tent, observing what is happening in the world; he accepts each challenge as if it were an opportunity to transform himself and help transform the world. And when a warrior of light becomes old, he can tell his children that he was placed in this world to help his fellow people, rather than to condemn his neighbor."
(Excerpt read during the World Economic Forum opening ceremony on June, 21, 2003)

Paulo Coelho and Christina Oiticica Foundation

The Foundation provides assistance and support to the school Solar Escola Meninos da Luz in the Pavão- Pavãozinho favela in Río de Janeiro to children in need, ages three months to eighteen years, through education rather than charity.

Paulo and Christina began this work in 1996 helping 80 children and has since been providing education that has lead more than 480 children a year to college or a job.

Soon to be opened in Geneva, Switzerland–the place the author and his wife have called home for the last few years–the foundation will have an archive of 80,000 documents of all kinds and photographs, as well as a museum with Paulo Coelho’s complete work digitalized, and a multitude of objects related to the author’s life and work.

The foundation, located on a 2,000 square-foot ground floor in a residential building in Geneva, will also host themed exhibits and will be the reference point to all the followers of his ideas and his philosophy of life. The space will also hold a permanent exhibit of the work of his wife, Christina Oiticica.