TASS press conference with Paulo

Paulo participated in a press conference organized by the news agency TASS, in which he talked about the publication of the Russian edition of The Archer and the new illustrated edition of The Alchemist.

Both books have been illustrated by Russian artist Eva Eller.

You can watch the press conference here

Complete the pocket collection of Paulo Coelho’s works in French

The Zahir, Like the Flowing River, The Winner Stands Alone and The Devil and Miss Prym are the last titles to be added to the new pocket collection in French launched by J’Ai Lu, which have also published a new trilogy entitled “The Choir of Strong Women”, which includes The Witch of Portobello, The Spy and Eleven Minutes, with all the covers created by the renowned artist DJOHR.

New editions of “Veronika Decides to Die”

Partly based on Paulo Coelho’s own experience. But why did Veronika decide to die?
This novel is available in 50 languages, with new editions published in Armenian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, English, French, German, Japanese, Polish and Spanish.

<<’I’ve written a book about a mental institution,’ I said to my 85-year-old father. ’It’s a fictional work, but there are a couple of pages where I speak as myself. It means going public about the time I spent in mental hospitals.’ My father looked me in the eye and said: ’Are you sure it won’t harm you in any way?’ ’Yes, I’m sure.’ ’Then go ahead. I’m tired of secrets’.>>
Paulo Coelho

New audiobooks of “The Alchemist” with voices of renowned actresses

Michela Cescon was in charge of the Italian version, Beth Goulard read it in Portuguese and Michelle Jenner in Spanish.

The Tencent Charity Foundation quotes “The Alchemist”

Tencent Charity Foundation has included a quote from The Alchemist (“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”) in the video they have just released worldwide as part of their campaign to introduce how essential books are: https://v.qq.com/x/page/k32723lktz0.html

New publication agreements for “The Alchemist”

Sant Jordi Asociados has closed deals to publish three new editions of The Alchemist, which will be launched in Hausa, Somalian and Kiswahili shortly. With these languages, the novel will soon be available in 88 languages:

Aaron Rodgers’ favourite book

Aaron Rodgers, the American football player of the NFL, recently recommended The Alchemist on The Pat McAfee talk show while announcing The Aaron Rodgers Book Club. The Alchemist is his first choice as one of his favourite books.

The player’s book club has had a tremendous reception among readers, who have purchased The Alchemist and posted about it on Twitter, with a subsequent massive sales increase on Amazon.com.

In very good company…

Paulo Coelho’s novel The Alchemist honoured in downtown Fayetteville, NC.

“Simplicity”, day planner 2022

Simplicity, is a diary for 2022 with quotes from Paulo Coelho’s works and illustrations by Colombian artist Catalina Estrada It is available in 20 different languages: Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish.

“The simpler and more sober the posture, the more beautiful.”

“The Archer”, soon available in Turkish

The Turkish edition (illustrated by Murat Kalkavan) comes out this month.

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