“Cahier Des Saveurs”, La Thé Box for September inspired by Paulo Coelho

Each month, La Thé Box sends several teas and sweets to its subscribers in a beautiful box. The September box, entitled “Cahier Des Saveurs”, includes a selection of teas that evokes the author’s novels and a limited edition of the exclusive The Alchemist tea created for the occasion.

Don’t miss “Strength”, the 2023 day planner

Strength, the 2023 day planner based on Paulo Coelho’s writings with illustrations by Colombian artist Catalina Estrada is out now, available in 19 languages in Europe.

More than your average planner, begin each day with a word of wisdom and receive spiritual food for thought as you navigate your everyday life and personal journey. In its past editions, it has sold more than 4 million copies.

“Writing is an act of courage. But it’s worth taking the risk.”

Don’t miss the live-streamed program on the Kiswahili and Hausa translations of “The Alchemist”

The publishers and translators of the Kiswahili and Hausa editions of The Alchemist will participate in a live-streamed program entitled “To My Younger Self” conducted by Ghanaian filmmaker Zoe Baraka to talk about the book and share their experiences.

You can follow the program on the following link: www.facebook.com/Africanstellingstories

“To My Younger Self” is a live-streamed storytelling project that goes live every Tuesday morning at 7:30am EST/11:30aM GMT.


Paulo Coelho, the most internationally influential Brazilian and one of the world’s most widely read writers, celebrates his 75th birthday on August 24th.

The year 2022 also marks the 35th anniversary since the publication of The Pilgrimage, his first bestseller.

Read the complete press release here.

35 years since the publication of “The Pilgrimage”, his first bestseller.

The year 2022 marks the 35th anniversary since the publication of The Pilgrimage, his first bestseller. The book was written after his pilgrimage on the road to Santiago de Compostela, in Spain, in 1986. The experience on the journey was transcendental in the author’s life. In the following years, the remarkable international success of The Pilgrimage contributed to a substantial increase in the number of pilgrims, to such extent that in 1999 he was awarded the Gold Medal of Galicia by the Spanish Council of State. Furthermore, in 2008, Santiago de Compostela paid tribute to the Brazilian writer by naming one of its streets after him.

Commemorative edition of “El Peregrino” for Mexico

To celebrate the milestone of the 35th anniversary of El Peregrino, Penguin Random House in Mexico is launching a commemorative edition of Paulo Coelho’s first novel in hardcover with a gold finish foil on the cover.

“The road enriches us as we walk its length.”

“The Alchemist” celebrates 650 consecutive weeks on a bestseller list

Paulo Coelho’s best known novel, The Alchemist, has reached a new milestone. It has been on USA Today’s bestseller list for 650 consecutive weeks, where it debuted in 2003.

Check the list at https://booklist.usatoday.com/page/11/.

New edition in Slovakian

The new edition of Adultery joins the renewed Paulo Coelho library in Slovakian published by Ikar, with covers by Slovakian artist Peter Uchnár.