“Hippie” reaches the world

A number of editions of Hippie, Paulo Coelho’s new book, have already been published worldwide in 42 languages. Check out what the international press is saying about the novel:

“Divine surprise.”
France, L’Express

“A narrative of initiation full of turns and fantasies.”
France, Le Parisienne

“Sweeps away the readers with a powerful force.”
Hungary, HVG

“A new story that reminds us that writing from the heart is the best way to communicate in all languages. And to live eternally.”
Spain, Elle

“Paulo Coelho has published Hippie, with a furious pace, almost thriller-like.”
Argentina, Clarín

“An intimate and charming book.”
Mexico, Stay

“Combining the eastern point of view and the conceptual terminology of the west; you can not drop this book from your hands for a very long time.”
Turkey, Cumhuriyet

“Paulo Coelho, a gift to the literary world from Brazil, tells a story of the journey of being.”
Turkey, Hurriyet

“Hippie is precisely the antidote for all those who are already tired of living and of enduring the blows of a more and more dehumanized society. A new vision of the hippie movement.”
Spain, Todo Literatura