My Life (2013) A movie about the world best selling author

Documentary. ARTE, Germany (Mein Leben) and France (Ma Vie)

Portrait of the author of The Alchemist. The directors, Dorothee Binding & Benedict Mirow, followed the Brazilian writer in Geneva, where he lives in Europe, but they also recorded his encounters with pilgrims during the Camino de Santiago. Paulo Coelho walked the camino 25 years ago and he wrote a book abou it, The Pilgrim. After all these years he returned there, where he found plenty of support from both locals and travellers. This documentary shows exactly that strong connection the author has with those Spanish lands.

Watch the entire documentary in French

My Transiberian Railway (2008)

Documentary. Betty Wrong., Italy

This 45-minutes film depicts the trip made by a master of the contemporary literature, Paulo Coelho, on the legendary train connecting Moscow to Vladivostok: The Trans-Siberian Railway. Passing by exotic landscapes full of charm and history, Coelho goes along a new route, twenty years after the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, dedicating it to the great Russian writer Aleksandr Solzenicyn, author of "Archipelago Gulag", who, back from the American exile, arrived just in Vladivostok. The Trans-Siberian Railway: 9289 kilometers. One must experience in the depths of his heart, amongst historical fascinations, symbols and atmospheres evoked by an East still largely mysterious and not-said.
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Paulo Coelho on the road to Santiago de Compostela (2006)

Documentary. TV Inter AS, Norway

The award-winning Brazilian author Paulo Coelho invited Norwegian TV to join him on his journey along the route from France to Santiago de Compostela on the North West coast of Spain, which has long been a source of inspiration for Paulo Coelho’s writings. His famous novels “The Pilgrimage” (1987) and “The Alchemist” (1988) are two such examples. Coelho himself says that it was this pilgrimage, and in particular the route from Roncesvalles on the French border, that revealed to him that the source for his writing could only be found inside himself. The world-famous author talks about his thoughts and dreams on the journey.
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Paulo Coelho. A pilgrim in search of a dream (2004)

Documentary. Polo de Imagem, Brazil 

A one-hour documentary recorded along the Road to Santiago in which Paulo Coelho remembers his experience walking this ancient pilgrim's route in 1986. The author tells in first person about his life and the experiences that led him to embark upon this journey -starting in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (France) and finishing in Santiago de Compostela (Spain)- and explains the effect it has had on his life and work.
Apart from many images of different key points in the route, it also contains images of places that have had a significance on the author's life.
To commemorate the Jubilee Year 2004, Editorial Planeta (Spain) and Bompiani (Italy) produced a special package containing the book The Pilgrimage (The Diary of a Magus) and a DVD with this documentary.


Celebrando nuestra gente / Honouring our people (2004)

Documentary. Compañía de Ramos Generales for EPMTV, Argentina 

A&E Mundo presented this documentary about Paulo Coelho and his life. Through exclusive interviews with the author, his wife Christina Oiticica, his sister, his father and his best friends, this documentary goes over all the life stages of the Brazilian author, including the period when he was imprisoned and in a mental institution.

It was recorded in France and Rio de Janeiro, and it is part of a cycle of biographies –Celebrando nuestra gente- devoted to the great Latin American personalities from the fields of politics, culture, music, cinema or sport.

The documentary was aired throughout Latin America in 2004.


Paulo Coelho's special (2003)

Interview. TV Prima, Romania

A complete biographical approach to Paulo Coelho's life and his book Eleven Minutes. This interview was recorded in France and aired in Romania in October 2003.


Rio de Janeiro. 24 hours in the life of a capital (2002)

Documentary. Productions Espace Vert, Canada / France

24 hours in the life of a capital is a series where viewers are immersed in the heart and soul of some of the most celebrated cities of the world. The chapter devoted to Rio de Janeiro includes an interview with Paulo Coelho recorded in his home town.
The documentary was broadcast in Europe and Canada.


Miho Nakayama travelling the world of The Alchemist (2002)

Documentary. NHK, Japan

Miho Nakayama is one of the most popular actresses in Japan. She started her career when she was fourteen. Since then, she has been on the top of the world of Movie, TV drama, and Music in Japan.
In several interviews, she confessed that The Alchemist is her most favourite book. Why was she so attracted by this book? What is the secret?
This time, she travels the world of The Alchemist, from Spain to Egypt. In this trip she will find herself, and she will see her alchemist in the end...
The meeting between Miho Nakayama and Paulo Coelho was recorded in France.


Seven Days. A Journey with Paulo Coelho (2002)

Documentary. Little Bird Productions for RTÉ, Ireland

Ireland's Moving Statues, a Brazilian Writer's View

In the summer of 1985, Ireland was preoccupied with the religious phenomenon that became known as the "Moving Statues". The first apparition was reported in Ballinspittle, Co Cork, but it was another, in Waterford, which fascinated the documentary director Liam McGrath. One of his cousins was among the visionaries who reported witnessing the Marian apparitions there, and there was a tragic twist to the tale.

Now, nearly 20 years later, Liam McGrath has persuaded international best-selling author Paulo Coelho to travel to Ireland to investigate and attempt to explain the Melleray apparitions. Coelho is a Brazilian writer on spiritual/mystic matters who has become renowned for his blend of introspection and simple but powerful narrative. His book The Alchemist has sold over 27 million copies worldwide.

Paulo Coelho agreed to come to Ireland, to visit the scene and talk to those involved. This documentary records his journey, in which he relies on all he has learnt from his previous spiritual journeys as he attempts to piece together the story of an extraordinary incident and its effect on those involved.


The Alchemist of Words (2001)

Discovery Channel

Documentary about Paulo Coelho's life. (Portuguese with subtitles in Spanish). Watch it online


Pilgrimage of the soul. The Kumano Road (2001)

Pilgrimage of the soul. The Santiago Road (2001)

Documentaries. Aichi Television Broadcasting, Japan

Paulo Coelho has starred in two documentaries for this Japanese TV channel.

The first delivery presented the author on his way through the Kumano Road in Japan. The second one was recorded during his journey through the road, from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (France) to Santiago de Compostela (Spain).


The Alchemist of Words (2001)

Documentary. Discovery Networks, Latin America / Iberia, and Polo de Imagen, Brazil

First official biography of Paulo Coelho recorded in several locations, including Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Iran, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Colombia.
It was broadcast worldwide in 2001 and 2003.


Andrei Martynov meets Paulo Coelho (2001)

Documentary. Unknown Planet, Russia

A biographical approach to Paulo Coelho's life and works recorded in 2001 in France and broadcast in August 2002 in Russia.


Auf dem Jakobsweg/On the Santiago Road (2000)

Documentary. ZDF, Germany

A documentary recorded along the Road to Santiago in which Paulo Coelho remembers his experience walking this ancient pilgrim's route in 1986.